Residence and Region

These charts provide information regarding the child’s residence at the time of death and the incident location for all of the child fatalities that were reported to the Los Angeles County Child Protection Hotline*, that met WIC §10850.4 (a) and (b) criteria, were determined to be the result of parental/caregiver abuse and/or neglect, and had DCFS history.

The data reflects determinations made as of June 30, 2023.

*This report does not include the fatalities reported to the CPH when the deceased child had an open case or referral in another County at the time of death.

2023 Residence and Region

2023 Incident Location SPA

2022 Residence and Region

2022 Incident Location SPA



2021 Residence and Region

2021 Incident Location SPA



2020 Residence and Region

2020 Incident Location SPA



2019 Residence and Region

2019 Incident Location SPA



2018 Residence and Region

2018 Incident Location SPA


2017 Residence and Region

2017 Incident Location SPA


2016 Residence and Region

2016 Incident Location SPA


2015 Residence and Region

2015 Incident Location SPA


*Out of Home Care – This includes children living in a relative placement, foster home, group home or children who were detained on a hospital hold at the time of child’s death even if they had never resided in a foster care placement.

Child Protection Hotline

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