Total Fatalities

These charts provide information regarding all of the child fatalities that were reported to the Los Angeles County Child Protection Hotline* as of December 31, 2023.

These charts include data for fatalities with and without DCFS history.

*This data does not include the fatalities reported to the CPH when the deceased child had an open case or referral in another County at the time of death.

2023 Total Fatalities

*A child is defined as having DCFS history if they or their siblings or half siblings, were previously referred to DCFS as a potential victim of abuse or neglect, even if that referral was closed prior to their death and even if the facts of the previous referral are completely unrelated to the circumstances that led to their death. In addition, if the family had a referral that was evaluated out, that is still considered history.

Child Protection Hotline

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