DCFS leadership is working closely with health officials in LA County to address concerns and prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19. Although information is evolving quickly, please know that we are monitoring developments and working closely to communicate with parents, youth, and caregivers involved with DCFS.   We will be updating this information as we get additional guidance and answers from our various partners.

DCFS will continue in its child protection work and provide essential services to families while taking precautionary measures to protect our staff that engage directly with families.

Please note: Effective March 16th and until further notice all DCFS offices are closed to the public.  Our sites will remain open to employees only as we continue to provide services to the children and families we serve.

We are aware that there is a rumor that DCFS will remove children because of a coronavirus infection in the household. This is simply not true. Removal is only done as a last resort in instances of child abuse or neglect. Coronavirus alone, however, is not a legitimate reason for DCFS intervention.

If you are a parent, youth, caregiver or service provider involved with DCFS and have any questions about this, we encourage you to email us at COVID19Info@dcfs.lacounty.gov.

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Information for Resource (Foster) Parents
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  • 05/20/2020 – Pandemic-EBT Card for Children and Families Served by Child Welfare Services – [ View Flyer]  More info: [click here]
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