LA County Quarantine Housing

Case Study by Think of Us (2021)

LA County DCFS Achieves Call Center Reliability and 40% Cost Savings on AWS

Case Study by Amazon Web Services (2021)

Evaluation of Los Angeles County’s Upfront Family Finding Program | Phase 2


Report by ChildTrends (2021)

Supporting the Title IV-E Waiver


Title IV-E Waiver Story

Real-Time Information Sharing Between Child Protection and Law Enforcement

A strategy brief by Casey Family Programs


Report by Casey Family Programs (2019)

Resource Family Approval Guide – A Project of The Step Up Coalition


Resource Family Approval Guide (2019)

Evaluation of Los Angeles County’s Upfront Family Finding Pilot


Download the Report by ChildTrends (2018)

Final Report of the Los Angeles County Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection

Download the Report by the LA County Blue Ribbon Commission (2014)
Find Office of Child Protection (OCP) Reports Here
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Toll Free within California

(800) 540-4000

Outside of California

(213) 639-4500

TDD - Hearing Imparied

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