Career Development Internship Program

The Career Development Internship (CDI) program provides opportunities for current and former foster youth, over age 18, who are/were Independent Living Program eligible, to work for the County of Los Angeles as a full-time, paid intern, for 24 months. CDIs also participate in trainings to help them gain the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to compete for full-time permanent positions with the County.

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Bridge to Work Program

The Bridge to Work program works with current and former foster youth between the ages of 16 and 20 who are Independent Living Program eligible. This workforce development program offers 30 hours of pre-work preparation and up to 400 paid hours of work experience and support.

If you are interested, contact your ILP Transition Coordinator.

Countywide Youth Bridges Program

The Countywide Youth Bridges Program provides youth the opportunity to work at one of 35 county departments, and provides job skills training, mentorship opportunities and other supportive services to help you map our your career and educational goals – and explore a potential career in the public sector.

Program participants receive up to 120 hours of paid work experience, with opportunities for growth.

Countywide Youth Bridges Program

Academic Internship Program

The Academic Internship Program is designed to place Los Angeles college and university students as student interns with county departments for the completion of specific projects, research, or studies ordered by the Board of Supervisors or developed by a county department.

These internships are unpaid, and projects are carefully designed to offer each intern a practical and meaningful internship experience. Participants normally spend 8-16 hours per week at their internship unless noted differently on the project description.

To apply, search the list of current projects at the link below and identify 2-3 projects you would like to work on. Then click “APPLY” to create a profile and follow the online instructions.

Academic Internship Program Application

DCFS Volunteer Intern Program

If you are interested in giving back to your community, the LA County DCFS Volunteer Intern Program (VIP) needs volunteers to provide support in a number of services and activities.  Volunteers have the opportunity to volunteer at regional DCFS offices or at the multiple events and activities that occur throughout the year. In order to participate, volunteers must complete a live scan and TB test. As a volunteer, you will get the opportunity to serve the families who are currently under DCFS care, in addition to aiding DCFS workforce members.

Volunteers may assist Bureaus/Divisions/Offices with:

  • Performing Office and Clerical Support
  • Tutoring Children/Youth
  • Monitoring Children/Youth
  • Visitation
  • Cultural Brokers
  • Running Errands
  • Providing Support to CSWs
  • Completing Special Projects
  • Assisting with Holiday Activities
  • Staff Special Events

If you have any questions and to apply, please email the DCFS Volunteer Internship Program.

Military Service

If you are a current or former foster youth considering the armed forces, email the DCFS Military Veteran Program to be connected with a DCFS employee who can share their personal experience in the military.  Additionally, if you are ready to enlist in the military, below is a guide to assist youth in foster care and their caregivers to navigate the military enlistment process.

Joining the Military – A Guide for Youth in Foster Care

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