Juvenile Justice

Through the collaboration with the Department of Probation and the Department of Mental Health, DCFS provides a wide range of preventive programs in the community that keep youth out of the juvenile justice system. Diversion programs are available through various providers from agencies like the District Attorney and the Probation Department.

LA County DCFS works closely with the juvenile dependency and delinquency courts, the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Public Health, LA County Office of Education, attorneys, community-based service providers and many other child/youth advocacy agencies throughout the process to make sure young people involved with the juvenile justice system get the support that they need.

Services are available to transition youth back into the community and also make it possible for youth to remain in their communities instead of in congregate care or juvenile detention facility. These services include:

  • Short-Term Residential Treatment Programs (STRTP)
  • Intensive Field Capable Clinical Services (IFCCS)
  • Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
  • Full-Service Partnership (FSP)
  • Wraparound Services
  • Adolescent Intervention Treatment Recovery and Prevention (AITRP)
  • Mentoring
  • Family Preservation

Talk to your social worker, the Youth Ombudsman’s office, or the Department of Probation to find out if you are eligible for any of these programs.

Juvenile Records

In the state of California, juvenile records are automatically sealed under a number of conditions.

After 2015, if you did not commit any offenses listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 707(b), your record will likely be automatically sealed.

If you turned 18 before 2015 and would like to have your juvenile records permanently sealed, you can file a petition with the court to do so. Talk to your attorney of record to request assistance, or if your case is closed, you can reach out to the Clerk’s Office at the Children’s Court at 323-526-6645.

To obtain a copy of your juvenile dependency court case files or your DCFS case files, you can request them. Click below to learn more.

DCFS Case Records

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