LGBTQ+ DCFS Youth Report

DCFS has embarked on a mission to better serve you. We are actively training our staff to better understand LGBTQ+ communities, and working to undo and prevent unfair systems, policies and inequities.

DCFS is dedicated to uplifting the laws and policies that protect LGBTQ+ foster youth from discrimination and harassment, and protect your right to expression, privacy, health education and care, and access to school programs and activities for transgender students.

LGBTQ+ DCFS Youth Report

Los Angeles LGBT Center

No organization offers a wider range of services for LGBTQ+ and questioning youth than the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Whether you are one of the thousands of LGBTQ+ young people experiencing homelessness in LA, you are looking for an adult mentor, you are not feeling safe at school, or you just want a fun and welcoming space to connect with others your age, they can help.

Los Angeles LGBT Center


RISE Youth and Family Services

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s  RISE (Recognize Intervene Support Empower) initiative works to improve outcomes for LGBTQ+ youth in long-term foster care by reforming policies and practices that aren’t sensitive to the needs of LGBTQ+ youth. The RISE Care Coordination Team (CCT) facilitates parent/caregiver support groups in multiple locations across Los Angeles County. Services are designed to:

  • Increase support and acceptance of LGBTQ+ children and youth in biological, extended, foster and chosen families
  • Promote self-esteem and wellness for LGBTQ+ children and youth
  • Achieve and sustain permanent relationships with relatives, adoptive and chosen families
  • Provide culturally responsive education to professionals responsible for the care of LGBTQ+ children and youth

RISE Youth and Family Services



LifeWorks is the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s youth development and mentoring program. LifeWorks offers one-on-one, peer and group mentoring opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth ages 24 and younger.

The goal is to help LGBTQ+ youth realize their goals and dreams with safe spaces, positive and affirming role models, and workshops and activities that are fun and educational.


The Alexis Project

Operating out of the LAC+USC Medical Center, the Alexis Project is a place where LGBTQ+ youth can access specialized medical and mental health staff who understand their needs. Their services include gender affirming healthcare, mental health services, surgical services and legal services.

For more information, please call (323) 409-3233, or visit in the Adolescent Care and Transition Clinic in person.

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