Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is the most important document you’ll need to prove your legal identity and age. You’ll need it to apply for a passport or government benefits, enroll in school, join the military, or claim pension or insurance benefits.

If you were born in Los Angeles County, you can contact the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder’s office to obtain information on receiving your birth certificate. If you were not born in Los Angeles County, learn how to request a copy of your birth certificate here.

Social Security Card

Your Social Security number is needed to get a job, collect Social Security benefits and access certain government services. While it is advised not to carry your social security card around with you, it is important to have one so you can easily reference the number, and have proof of identity when needed.

You can replace your child’s Social Security card for free if it is lost or stolen. You are limited to three replacement cards in a year and 10 during a lifetime.

To receive a copy of your lost or stolen social security card, or to change the name on your card you’ll need to:

Step 1

Gather the documents you’ll need

Visit the Social Security website and use the buttons on the left side of the window to find out which documents you need.

Step 2

Fill out and print the application

Download the application, print and fill it out. Ask your social worker or guardian for assistance if you need it.

Step 3

Mail or deliver your request

Find the Social Security office near you. You can either drop off your application in person or place it in the mail.

California State ID or Driver’s License

Getting your driver’s license is an exciting experience! Depending on your age, there are several steps you need to take to get licensed to drive in California. Applying for a permit or license costs $35, so be prepared to pay the fee when you apply.

Age Requirements

  • Junior permit: 14 years old IF you can prove eligible hardship.
  • Provisional permit:
    • 151/2 years old WITH completion of driver’s education.
    • 171/2 years old WITHOUT completion of driver’s education.
  • Provisional license: 16 years old WITH completion of driver’s education.
  • Full driver’s license: 18 years old and older.


If you are under 18, you will need to…

  1. Complete Driver’s Ed
  2. Apply for your Provisional Permit by taking the written test
  3. Get Behind-the-Wheel Practice
  4. Apply for your Provisional License by taking a written and driving test


If you are 18 and older and you do not have a driver’s license from another state or country, you will need to…

  1. Complete the online Driver License or Identification Card Application.
  2. Visit a DMV office near you. Appointments are recommended.
  3. Provide proof of your social security number, birth date, legal name and California residency. Your social security card, birth certificate, and a utility bill or lease are the best forms of identification. However, other documents may also be acceptable.
  4. Pay the $35 application fee.
  5. Have your fingerprint and photo taken.
  6. Pass a vision test.
  7. Pass the written test.
  8. Make an appointment and take your driving test.

California Driver’s License

Case Records

DCFS and Juvenile Court case records are confidential. If you would like to access your records, you can fill out and submit a Declaration in Support of Access to and Copies of Juvenile Records form.

Case Records

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