Heart Gallery features photos of LA kids waiting to be adopted

November is National Adoption Month, and there are more than 600 kids in Los Angeles County waiting to be adopted.

The Heart Gallery website is designed to match kids with their forever families. Anyone can click and read about the kids, their likes and dreams, and contact the county if interested in opening their home.

Professional photographers volunteer to snap the photos for free.

When kids are unable to reunify with their parents, they become eligible for adoption. For kids who are siblings, adoption means keeping them all together.

Jaidyn, 11, loves to play with his three siblings. They all live in separate foster homes, so it is special when they get to be together.

“We get to play, we get to have fun. And I love um,” he said.

He wants a family that will welcome his sister and brothers into their home. LA County Department of Children and Families social worker Stacy Nath said the wait for siblings can be long.

“We have a lot of teenagers that need adoptive families, older kids, sibling sets,” she said. She added kids who are medically fragile or have special needs are also in great need of a forever home.

Jaidyn’s brother, 10-year-old Javeion, wants a family to know what’s most important to him.

“Doing good in school, getting a good education and sports come after,” he said.

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